Global Business Consultant,
Software Innovator, and CEO.

Dwayne has been an international business consultant over the last 15 years expanding businesses concepts for companies. He has trained many business leaders using principle centered concepts to assist them to expand beyond their own geographic boundaries to the rest of the world.

Our Team

Our team is made of committed men and women from USA, Colombia, Mexico, India, Russia, and Venezuela who share a bond to serve our clients and customers. We use a biblical foundation of principles in all we do and use in our core values as we service our clients.

Merchant Processing Experts

Accept credit card, Apple Pay, bitcoin, or even have your own ERC token system created. No problem as we offer systems for businesses both great and small to process more payments of all types. Our fiat merchant processing is done with simple integration, and our cryptocurrency integration is done where we offer both instant bitcoin directly to your wallet, and when needed your own wallet integration within your company environment.

More About Us

We're blockchain software company changing the future of transactions and remittance payments for people aroud world.

The amazing stories of the lives of people and their families that are affected by Sickle Cell Disease and other disparities that often are overlooked.

It is the opportunity to master everything you need to know in offer conceive, start and run your online business, our courses are user friendly step by step.

Coming Soon

Starting your own home business and have your own vision and concept down but don't have solid Software solution? Look no further, we can help!

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Our Message

Our message is based on what we call a “true north” concept. We insist on pioneering to the future in spite of the risk and unpaved roads. We know that by getting to the future before most have the courage will provide us the framework for long term sustainable success as we innovate with new technologies.