Mass Adoption W/O Merchants = No Mass Adoption

Yes we need each part of the equation both customers/users and merchants. In 2018 we watched the saturation of the DASH currency between merchants and customers managed by the country directors like George Donnelly in Colombia, Rodrigo Ambrissi in Brazil, and Eugenia Alcalá Sucre.  One thing these directors have in common is their efforts to introduce DASH to the communities merchants and their customers using an aggressive educational approach. We also had a lot of time to hear about the vision of other communities who believe in a future that balances the power of the intermediaries and empowers the people to [...]

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It Is Time To Stop Talking And Start Doing!   

To all of the non believers, haters and those who hate the idea of decentralization, we can't hear a word you are saying because what you're doing (or not doing) speaks so loudly. We are done talking as I know lots of money is made with talk talk talk.   At CoinLogiq we decided to use talk to educate, but and “do” to execute our strategy to fuel our vision.   Now we introduce to you our new innovative software that includes remittance as well as user friendly touchscreen technology.   Our excitement stems from 3 specific different points.   We have want [...]

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2019 Began in Mid 2018?

From one year to another companies seamlessly sustain the same progress from the previous year without a catalyst kick start to for the new year. . At CoinLogiq we are proud to note that in preparation for a great 2019 we began to press forward with our vision to disrupt the cryptocurrency ATM marketplace back in mid 2018. Because of an amazing team and the commitment to not enter into 2019 without a formula that provides our customers with an edge over their competitors, we are kick starting 2019 with a punch! In mid 2017 we prepared and focussed on [...]

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The Balance Of Life or “Work Life Balance”?

In November 2005 I officially separated from my job and was determined to become an Entrepreneur.  During my work experience of 23 jobs in 19 years, I learned the popular phrase of what most call a work-life balance.    I worked hard in each type of job and industry in what I worked that included working in hospitals different departments, car sales, trucking company, insurance, prison guard, a medic in the military and even a pharmaceutical rep and more.   Something that I learned in all my different experiences is that there is no such thing as a “work-life balance, [...]

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Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway!

Our Greatest Obstacles Are Often 1 Decision Away From Being A Barrier Breakthrough Today against my body's wishes, and against my instincts, I agreed to paraglide.  I was reminded about the importance of this decision after combing through on of my favorite books "The Success Principles" by Jack Canfield.   In this book Jack named one of the chapters "Feel The Fear & Do It Anyways". Like most obstacles the fear of jumping off the cliff was not nearly as big as it seemed in my mind before doing it.  I actually think it was safer and easier than riding [...]

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What You Have Is Enough?

In Order To Work With What Have You Must Appreciate It I saw this picture so clearly during my trip to India where I toured over 4,000 miles throughout the country. There were kids who had no shoes happy to have a book without waiting till their family could afford school.  I also saw people who had no beds and slept outside on the ground and in fact an entire village managing what they had and taking care of their needs.   The first thing that came to my mind was "how so many of us in the western part of [...]

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2017 Subscriber Giving Campaign

Giving Should Always Begin With  You For the last few months I've been thinking about how I can share more about the amazing things I am able so see and do with my subscribers in a transparent way.   I was stuck for quite some time for the best way to do it where I wouldn't be bogged down unable to perform my responsibilities for my software company, or family. I decided to share a lot of the tools that I use, and many of the experiences that I have in an effort to give better perspective to what's behind [...]

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You Can Enter To Win The New GoPro 5

Register Here For The GoPro 5 Giveaway Contest! I'm excited to run this awesome giveaway for you all, please follow the instructions and give yourself the opportunity to win a Gopro Hero 5 Black for Valentines day. 1. Visit the contest site and login using Twitter, FB, Instagram, or Email Address 2. Select from the following actions listed below and earn entries for the GoPro 5 Giveaway drawing * Visit my FB FanPage (1 Entry) * Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ( 2 Entries) * Follow me Twitter on twitter for updates and post (1 Entry) * Visit me on [...]

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Does Freedom Exist In USA In 2016?

Free?  Yes Are things perfect?  No I am grateful to God for being born an American with the ability to live free. Free?  Yes Are things perfect?  No I know that many focus on an inconsistent Government, or things that occurred in the past, but what I see after traveling in much of the world is that we are FREE!!!! 2/3 of our world lives in extreme poverty and have NO CHOICE in much of what they do.  Their governments offer no rescue of any type (no welfare, special kids programs, stimulus packages, income tax, social security, etc.)  It really [...]

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The Results Are In

On behalf of PA Hope & The American Cancer Society, I would like to personally thank all of you who have made donations, prayed, volunteered and also cycled for this amazing event. As promised I have done a drawing of the known donors great than $50 and I am pleased to announce the winners of my personal bike in excellent condition. Congratulations to Pam & Ron Harshman! I will confess that I was unable to ride on Day 2 of this amazing fund raiser as I now am nursing my knee and lower back, however I expect to be ready [...]

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