Business System Builder for Entrepreneurs Globally

Dwayne has spent his entire career learning about systems and how to help people find optimum solutions for their business problems. After leaving the corporate world in 2005 and getting his MBA from Strayer University in 2004, he took his visions for the future of browser-based software to the international business community.

Once developing successful business automation strategies for entrepreneurs and home business owners by 2008, Dwayne has developed software programs which has provided continual success for thousands of entrepreneurs around the world by giving them innovative browser-based software tools that are used by even big corporations.

The popularity and feedback was so positive, it became necessary in 2013 to design a browser-based software suite of tools for internet marketers.

Dwayne is retained for consulting, speaking engagements and often requested to create new innovations for companies to market their business and improve their efficiency in corporate communications.

Business Progression For Your Futuristic Concept And Vision

Over the past decade Dwayne developed a strong software and design team to meet the needs of large and small businesses through his company DGA Global. Using current and advanced technological concepts, the DGA Global team introduces products for companies in white label format to enable those companies to brand themselves with DGA Global products, however their customers see ONLY the brand of the company who acquired the white label product(s).

Dwayne sees the future of business with an increased attention on browser based technology that requires less downloads and system requirements. The DGA Global team specializes in systems that give the end user a look and feel that provides them little required experience prior to using.

Business Acumen And Mindset Development

No matter what language is spoken, or what part of the world one lives, some things remain the same for all human beings. Dwayne and his team train and teach the universal principles of mental development that can transform ideas, visions and dreams into reality.

The concepts and principles learned in the sciences, biblical writings and even different areas of business inspired Dwayne to develop trainings that are easily used and applied to enhance business for entrepreneurs everywhere.

Growing up in a poor family in central pennsylvania and being in special education, failing the 8th grade and 12th grade caused Dwayne to understand that his only hope is that he could apply principles that work the same for all who apply them. This hunger to succeed took Dwayne the the top in the corporate world from Pharmaceutical industry, Medical, and even non profit to Insurance. Now as the CEO of a few companies, Dwayne shares what anyone can do using the principles God placed in our universe to achieve visions and dreams around the globe.

College commencement, church and non profit event, corporate events and executive board retreats, Dwayne is called to enlighten leadership with the recipe that has given him an edge. To request Dwayne as a guest speaker and or coach, please contact us using our contact page in the menu at the top of the page.