Yes we need each part of the equation both customers/users and merchants.

In 2018 we watched the saturation of the DASH currency between merchants and customers managed by the country directors like George Donnelly in Colombia, Rodrigo Ambrissi in Brazil, and Eugenia Alcalá Sucre.  One thing these directors have in common is their efforts to introduce DASH to the communities merchants and their customers using an aggressive educational approach.

We also had a lot of time to hear about the vision of other communities who believe in a future that balances the power of the intermediaries and empowers the people to have their autonomy needed to provide a more sound economy world wide.   A great example of this is with Damon Bryant, PhD the CEO of LightPay coin and the visionary behind the University of Central Florida’s project for their tech students to lead the way in this ecospace.

At CoinLogiq we know the importance of such campaigns in order for adoption for all cryptocurrency to increase exponentially and therefore proudly introduce a catalyst to assist merchants anywhere and their customers using our LogiqPay system.

What is LogiqPay?

With LogiqPay we have an interface that is available free for end users to access so they can send cryptocurrency transactions to any CoinLogiq machine.  However a new feature we are adding and releasing in February is a merchant portal.  In the merchant portal a merchant can accept payments for any currency used within the CoinLogiq network.  For online purchases, deliveries, and or even distance orders for items being purchased from the merchants they will be able to use LogiqPay to accommodate their customers.

1,2,3 Simple Steps Using Copy Paste

Merchants will be able to accept payments and enjoy the control to name their product, determine the price and number available and then copy the code generated by the LogiqPay system and then paste into the code of the web page they desire to use it.  Customers from anywhere will be able to pay them using a cryptocurrency.

For my friends who are building their DASH merchant networks within the communities they serve, we are excited to share LogiqPay as another tool for your mass adoption campaigns.  We are excited about the possibilities with all crypto communities participating in the new innovations that will make adoption more feasible and not be restricted to geography, currency type, or face to face.  The LightPay coin masternode community will begin to see the arrival of our ATM’s in Turkey, Nigeria and South Africa demonstrating the absence of geographical restrictions.

Stay tuned for my next post where I will specifically explain the power of using the LogiqPay send feature to send to a friend, loved one and/or recipient who will retrieve from a CoinLogiq machine.