To all of the non believers, haters and those who hate the idea of decentralization, we can’t hear a word you are saying because what you’re doing (or not doing) speaks so loudly.

We are done talking as I know lots of money is made with talk talk talk.   At CoinLogiq we decided to use talk to educate, but and “do” to execute our strategy to fuel our vision.   Now we introduce to you our new innovative software that includes remittance as well as user friendly touchscreen technology.   Our excitement stems from 3 specific different points.  

We have want to ensure an enhanced business model for our white label clients who now will have the best solution for their customers.  With our state of the art administration panel we now give our clients greater autonomy to manage their business with simple point and click actions, as well as new KYC features on all machines to ensure compliance for our clients. 


We knew that we had to address the challenging lack of user friendliness with the machines around the globe.  We have now to address the end user experience that includes but is not limited to the speed being 3x faster than our original software, new simplistic touch screen commands that are as easy as using your smartphone, along with our 24/7 customer support.


After months of work on a more appropriate solution for remittance we introduce LogiqPay (the name of the process in which you can send someone crypto from anywhere in the world directly to a CoinLogiq ATM).   Send money to the person of your choice with our system generated QR code that you send a person to redeem as cash. We know that this will increase the number of monthly transactions for our white label clients, but also be a solution for the $600 billion dollar remittance issue that leaves out lower economic participants, and has  many limitations for people to send money back to their native lands.

Just Watch And See Why We Are No Longer Talking, But Instead Doing…

At CoinLogiq we are not just enthusiast for a world that is inclusive of all who desire a better quality of life, but we too are advocates for the crypto communities who are doing all they can to ensure such dreams are possible.  For our friends who are a part of the DASH & LPC communities as well as other strong communities who share our vision, you have been the inspiration of our newly enhanced software.

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Remittance For Anyone:  Send a payment to any CoinLogiq machine and have your friends and loved ones retrieve.

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