From one year to another companies seamlessly sustain the same progress from the previous year without a catalyst kick start to for the new year. .

At CoinLogiq we are proud to note that in preparation for a great 2019 we began to press forward with our vision to disrupt the cryptocurrency ATM marketplace back in mid 2018. Because of an amazing team and the commitment to not enter into 2019 without a formula that provides our customers with an edge over their competitors, we are kick starting 2019 with a punch!

In mid 2017 we prepared and focussed on ensuring a strong start in 2018 by investing our time, money and other resources to a more innovative design and atm than at that time existed in the market. By July of 2018, we premiered at the BitCoin Summer Fest in Medellin the “Spartan ATM” machine a sleek, user-friendly, 2 way (withdrawal/purchasing) crypto ATM machine.  See our floor model shown below:


Now we are excited to share with the world our new and innovative software that has superior functionality, KYC, and special CoinLogiq remittance solution for Venezuela that don’t exist anywhere else.

What is it and when?

1) We introduce the new “Gladiator” machine to be first distributed in Venezuela as a part of our CoinLogiq Genesis project to assist with their economic challenges. The Gladiator includes a biometric scanner, document feeder (passport, gov id, etc.), a bill acceptor and cash dispenser developed specifically for Venezuela, and a debit/credit card reader. This solution is to help compensate for the many remittance challenges in Venezuela.  Expected distribution date:  2/2019


2) The addition of Lightpay Coin via our partnership with Xchainz (UCF project) to our ATM and POS machines. We are excited to work closely with Dr. Damon Bryant, CEO Xchanz & LightPay Coin. Dr. Bryant leads the UCF project to ensure educational and contributing opportunities for leading technology and engineering students.

3) Distribution to Turkey, S. Africa and Nigeria via the UCF project for LightPay Coin.  Distribution prep: 1/20/2019






4) New ATM owner administrative management panels that are user-friendly and give the owner control to assist them in greater opportunities to manage their ATM business. With the introduction of new currencies, we are campaigning to assist the owners to increase transaction and support via their newly designed administrative panel.  Expected release: 1/20/2019



5) New design and end-user interface that will totally enhance the end user experience with speed and proficiency.  Expected release: 1/20/2019


6) Logiq Pay system that enables customers to send currency to any CoinLogiq ATM machine from anywhere in the world from their Computer or mobile device. To assist with the more than 600 billion dollar challenge of remittance for natives who live abroad and desire to send money to loved ones LogiqPay will provide a solution via our ATM’s.  Expected release: 1/20/2019