In November 2005 I officially separated from my job and was determined to become an Entrepreneur.  During my work experience of 23 jobs in 19 years, I learned the popular phrase of what most call a work-life balance.   

I worked hard in each type of job and industry in what I worked that included working in hospitals different departments, car sales, trucking company, insurance, prison guard, a medic in the military and even a pharmaceutical rep and more.  

Something that I learned in all my different experiences is that there is no such thing as a “work-life balance, but instead, there is just life”.   Through my search and attempts to have such a balance, I learned that there is a true balance of life to live my purpose.

I recently went to a football game with my son and 2 nephews, a 3 generation vacation with family, 30th-anniversary cruise, and over the past few years while working on my life’s work filled my passport and about to fill it again.

Pittsburgh AFC North Family Fun Video Clip 

Often we can subconsciously adopt an entitled belief that we can incorporate a quality of life with balance that was not paid for.   There is a cost to have a life of balance and that price is paid for with the work and personal investment of yourself for your very own life’s work/purpose.   

Living your purpose is a sure way of your work not being work at all, but instead, you’ll be compensated for being who you are.   

How does this happen?   

This happens from as a result of using your strengths that you are equipped with to live your purpose and do your life’s work.  We are most frustrated and unfulfilled when we are only using the tools we picked up along the way of living, however, we are most fulfilled when we use both the strengths that we have from birth and the added ones from life’s journey.

Note that the only people kicking and screaming when it’s time to die are those who refused to live.  My advice for you is to choose now, choose to live!