Our Greatest Obstacles Are Often 1 Decision Away From Being A Barrier Breakthrough

Today against my body’s wishes, and against my instincts, I agreed to paraglide.  I was reminded about the importance of this decision after combing through on of my favorite books “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield.   In this book Jack named one of the chapters “Feel The Fear & Do It Anyways”.

Like most obstacles the fear of jumping off the cliff was not nearly as big as it seemed in my mind before doing it.  I actually think it was safer and easier than riding my motorcycle in Colombia.   To be honest after much media rederick coming to Colombia for the first time after all the horror stories was more difficult and I learned that paragliding too was mostly all in my head like that thing that is keeping you back.

For example:

Many are  held back because of the such fears as…

  • Someone criticizing them for speaking up, so they keep it in and complain to people who can do nothing about their issue.
  • Don’t go into business because fear of failing
  • Decide not to ask the one you love for their commitment because of the fear of rejection

And the list goes on and on.

Watch me and know that I too thought I would never survive a 29 hour flight across the world, or asking for the contract that will pay me more than most will make in a decade.  You can break free just by acting in spite of the fear.

Here’s the recipe for getting through the obstacles when you get fears, considerations, and concerns:  1) The more uncomfortable you feel, the more you should press forward  2.) When the reward of doing the action far out weighs the risk, just do it 3.) The more others tell you that you’re crazy for taking the action the more you should be determined to just do it!

0-cus-d3-a7f55856d6fdd7cbcbb285f6f79b960cYou really can do it as I can attest to the fact that I personally found that even with the odds stacked against me that by using the the 3 steps above and assisted me to achieve more than I ever dreamed.   But that is the story of a special needs student who failed twice and graduated from high school with a 6th grade level in Math, Science and English.

Now as a result of feeling the fear and doing things anyways, I have the pleasure of living in a few different countries and own multiple international businesses without waiting for a boss to pay me each week.  What I love most is that I can live my life on purpose and now chase money with the results I get for living by these principles.

For me serving God, my family and others who can benefit from my gifts and talents make this life worth living and there is no time for me to run from my fears.  I believe that you too have things that drive that can use your attention over the fears that grab your attention.