In Order To Work With What Have You Must Appreciate It

I saw this picture so clearly during my trip to India where I toured over 4,000 miles throughout the country.




sideroad1There were kids who had no shoes happy to have a book without waiting till their family could afford school.  I also saw people who had no beds and slept outside on the ground and in fact an entire village managing what they had and taking care of their needs.   The first thing that came to my mind was “how so many of us in the western part of the world are discouraged if the cable tv is cancelled, or the car is ugly or repossessed”.  I was able to get 1st hand insight of what it means to see how other countries survive without government rescue, or programs, etc.
food4india-foodThe picture above is from my time in a village of 71 family members who farmed rice, etc.  They actually worked throughout the day, smoked the hookah pipe in the evening and then settled down after dinner and went to sleep.  They didn’t just sleep, they slept outside as a lot of folks do in the country.   However they were warm, friendly open to share what they had with me as I learned more about their culture, practices and food.

The hunger because of what feels like a “fixed economy” for many of the Indian people, ignites a fire insidesleeptime3 them to do whatever it takes to improve upon living conditions.   Many of my associates and friends in the west often feel they have it bad because there will be no unemployment benefits, or perhaps no social programs to provide assistance.  I’ve learned that very few countries outside of the United States, and Europe have any such programs.   As a mentor and global business leader, I’ve seen their desire to learn about international business is so strong that even the elderly will walk as far as 5 miles or so to sit in and listen to the talk and presentation.  I use to often hear my brother say “If you cannot make in the USA, then please don’t go anywhere else”.


There are so many lessons that I’ve learned while traveling and seeing how families interact, get around, and even unite with the chores to ensure multiple families in the same household can have enough for the month to manage the food, utilities and life’s needs.  I was so impressed at the number of people around the world who buy food day by day, and are happy when another day is covered and literally never hear the complaints, whining, and pouting about what they don’t have.   The end result?  Closer families, communities so strong that they pull together to create amazing opportunities for each other.

Why am I sharing such things?  Great question…

img_1247-1-jpgI believe that if you knew what you have and how much time you have left on earth, you’d go after those things you’ve always desired, but figured you do it later.   As you see later becomes something in front of you and stays in front of you while it never get’s closer.   Determine to live a life on purpose and start right where you are with the health you have, possessions or lack of, family or lack of, and get moving now!

Never let another day go by where you’re not doing something that brings you closer to your visions and dreams.  Animals are forced by their very nature to live moment by moment without the ability to plan and forecast, etc.   They cannot communicate in many different ways as we do, and therefore you have NO reason to live as they do by waking up and figuring out what you’re going to be doing on that day.   Prepare and plan, even if you prepare right before bed by using an app on your phone, write on a napkin, log on your computer or something.  Just never let another day come and go and you’re no closer to the life you desire.   And yes, this is something you do have a choice over.

This year, let’s together expand, grow and chart new horizons as there are many who didn’t live to be your age, many who never had the physical advantages that many of you have.  Let’s just do it, and then continue from this day forth.