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Giving Should Always Begin With  You

For the last few months I’ve been thinking about how I can share more about the amazing things I am able so see and do with my subscribers in a transparent way.   I was stuck for quite some time for the best way to do it where I wouldn’t be bogged down unable to perform my responsibilities for my software company, or family.

I decided to share a lot of the tools that I use, and many of the experiences that I have in an effort to give better perspective to what’s behind the scenes as I lead my companies, serve God and my family.   I literally fell in love with the idea because I get so many inbox messages from people asking me “What kind of mobile phone do you use?”, Or hey I saw your training Dwayne “what kind of screen sharing software was that?” and so much more.

gopro-hero-5Therefore in 2017 my goal is to kick the year off with giving away the camera I use for action, motion shooting in a
drawing (Go Pro Hero 5 Black).   However you will find that I will give away many other tools that I use to enhance my business and personal life to my subscribers.

For example, I will be giving away my favorite tool pack that I use.

“Mac Attack”

1. Mac Mini
2. Bluetooth keyboard
3. bluetooth Tracking pad (mouse)
4. My preferred editing software built in it (Final Cut Pro)

Sharing Goes Deeper Than Material Things

DCIM100GOPROG0010024.JPGItems are not enough to share if I want to inspire, assist and encourage, “I thought”.   I need to also share the experiences of the different places I travel to, eat at, and even adventurous activity.  So this year my goal is to give as much of me as I can to my subscribers to give them a different view of the world than their own, with the hopes that many of them will expand their thinking and goals and dreams.
After growing up in a culture that was totally dependent upon living each week to wait for weekends, and pretty much most I knew saw life through their own lenses only.  Like the world I grew up in most people rarely if ever left their community outside of military, college, etc.  The majority of them had such a limited perspective beyond the narrow exposure that they had to the world.   This concept is a lot of the inspiration behind sharing from different parts of the world in 2017.

img_0815I have seen so many things after more than 50 surgeries, a few years in the hospital and dozens of procedures, I decided to live and not just exist.  I refuse to live in anyone’s box, but to live out and demonstrate my appreciation for life.  This I will share with you and all of my subscribers so that you too can realize that you can do, be or become whatever you desire if you can focus, vision, dream and not give up.   I am currently not in my home in Florida, however I will be going back in a few weeks for a visit to friends and family, and then back here where my home office is for my software company.

There is much to do in 2017, and I trust you’ll join me as I take life and live it out and not sit back watching everyone on TV living their dreams while living a nightmare at home on the couch.  If you do join me in these journeys I assure you that you will not be the same and then even in many cases do a much better job than I will.
Looking back over the past decade or so, I am seeing doors that have opened that resulted from working with what I had more than waiting to get more before I pressed on.   Many will go for the job if they can get the reference, other’s wait to ask the girl until the moment is perfect, and there are those who will go after their dreams if they can get the right amount of money, or new things.    I have learned that the thing that you do posses that will give you some advantage is the dream or vision, plus you have the time at that moment.   Waiting until other things are perfect or just right and then not have the time, or body for it makes no sense to me.

If you want to join in an participate to win the GoPro 5 it’s not too late.  Just click on the link below and enter in and go for it!

GoPro 5 Giveaway Contest!

To see future videos, post, or learn more about my travels to different parts of our world, and/or participate in the giveaways in which I will be using to share things that enhance my life, visit me on social media.